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Ephemeral Sculptures

Ephemeral Sculptures: Evening Dresses for Every Type


Conceptual Photography by Lily Smernou


Visual imprints of momentary sculptural compositions created by bringing together items from my personal collection, comprise this series. With objects forming the framework for storytelling, the ephemeral compositions celebrate adaptation, flexibility, and change.


The photographically captured compositions serve as metaphors for what defines, describes and interprets our actions and ourselves –our identity. The archetypal form and intimate nature of the dress portrayed allude to identity and its aspects. Components of the sculptures take on new allegorical meanings, such that an open book becomes the symbol of the self’s presentation to others.


The short-lived assemblages are constructed instinctively as a response to a need for personal expression as fleeting and precious as them. I hope the constructs presented and their allegorical overtones will transport the viewers to a different realm where they can play new roles as interpreters of the images.

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